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roses from bob


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phuket hash house harriers

my giant home grown tomato


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Sydney opera house during a dust storm


how fast ,did you think you going,"boy"


how are you going "mate"


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what happened to winnie cooper

She’ a math genius. She helped develop what’s come be known as the "Chayes-Mckellar-Winn-Theorem" while she was a mathematics major at UCLA. And, she has an Erdos—Bacon number of 6. A team of five were sent to investigate what the fuck either of those things are.  Results are still pending Who she was:
McKellar is familiar to most as Winnie Cooper, the girl next door and main love interest of Fred Savage’ Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. The on-and-off romance lasted the entire series, like a far less annoying "Ross and Rachel" for kids.

She also became a source of many crushes for developing boys across America, and probably some paedophiles’.



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